The Monad Challenges

A set of challenges for jump starting your understanding of monads.


Set 1: Random Numbers

Set 2: Failing Computations

Set 3: Combinations

Set 4: Common Abstraction

Set 5: Do Notation

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Random Character Generation

Now use the rand function to make your own function for generating random letters of the alphabet. It should only generate lower case letters a-z.

We supply a function in MCPrelude called toLetter. Use the toLetter function to write this random letter function:

randLetter :: Seed -> (Char, Seed)

Now use this function to write another function randString3 that generates a random string of three letters using an initial seed of 1.

randString3 :: String

When you use this site to calculate the SHA-256 hash of the output of randString3, you get 9d475eb78d3e38085220ed6ebde9d8f7d26540bb1c8f9382479c3acd4c8c94a3.

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